The Change & Importance of Health Tracking

The development of Covid-19 battle in Singapore

Jan 2020

The Change

Covid-19 resulted in the change for workplace, push for more hygiene control

Feb 2020

Tighter Workplace

Stricter control measures to workplace including temperature recording

March 2020

Minimize Contact

Recording of entry & exit, social distancing measures, declaration of conditions

7th April 2020

Circuit Breaker

The comprehensive approach to stop most workplace for control of spread of Covid-19

9th May 2020


The Safe Management Measures (SMM) was introduced for the resumption of business activities

Safe Management Measures (SMM) for resumption of business


Business Resumption Requirement

The Tripartite Partners issued requirements for Safe Management measures at the workplaces on 9th May 2020


Safe Management Officer (SMO)

Companies to appoint a Safe Management Officer (SMO) to assist in the implementation , coordination and monitoring of these safe management Measures

6 Key Areas for SMM

The Penalty for Non-Compliance

Businesses which fail to compliance to Safe Management Measures (SMM) requirements will result in consequences as follow:

Tighter measures would be reintroduced if not well implemented.

Action will be taken by MOM, MOH and sector agencies against errant employers including cessation of operations and enforcement.


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